Opinion  Sever Plocker
Stalin's Jews
Sever Plocker
פורסם: 21.12.06, 23:35
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211. To my racist friend Avraham
Christopher ,   USA   (28.12.06)
Any Jew that commits crimes will be brought to justice; just as anybody else would be brought to justice. If you think you’re above checks and balances, and there is no consequences for your actions then sir you are a Satanist or a "lusifer" as you call me for being rational.
mike ,   toronto,canada   (28.12.06)
EVERYBODY should read talkback #171 MAL for president
213. to george the all bible about jews!!!
avraham ,   jerusalem   (28.12.06)
you gentiles are not even there. god is god of israel he said it many times you just dont want to listen, and you all gona pay for it. our bible is the pure truth cos its all coming true the bad prophecies and the good ones. israel today its a shelter place for all jews running away from all gentiles nations as god said himself at izikiel 38. the real israel is coming after gog and magog. its a time of revenge for gentines 7 years. read it yourself. if there is one country that can drow half of the world or even more on her its israel. has it was prophecy on izkiel 38 39. your days gentiles are coming. but we will never forget our only friends the americans.
214. to christopher
avraham ,   jerusalem   (28.12.06)
i do love americans and the are the only friends we have. the stood by us in difficult times and we will not forget. being jewish its the seed of jacob which was the first israelite. there are good jews and bad jews. why do you think god brought all this pain to the nation of israel if there werent bad jews?! but they are still israel. thats not to say that gentiles took our place. god said i will cleans your impurity and gather you from all the far lands. that is happening now in front of our eyes. so we know the later prophecies will also come true. you said that some jews are not the real jews they claim to be. well what did you accpect ,that after 2000 years in exile we will all look the same. some jews are pure some are half , many jewish woman got raped in exile but never the less we are all jews. even the converts that joined us. but still bad gentils who hate jews and killed the chosen people of god, should and will get revenged. god of israel is god of revenge as well!
215. To Avraham and to ALL
Christopher   (28.12.06)
Avraham you need help? Any Jew that professes to be a Jew, and is not rightous, and is wicked is the synagouge of Satan. The Chosen people of God are the people who are rightous, and do good deeds. If you have a lust to destroy my people, then you are the synagouge of Satan as Jesus Professes. If the Jews were the real Jews, then they would be rightous. You have not showed me anytype of rightoussness in your language, all you have shown me is racism, and hatred against gentiles.
216. christopher read the bible.
avraham ,   jerusalem   (28.12.06)
"if the jews were the real jews". what nons is that?! of course we are the real jews. who are the real jews you? . i have heared of some neonazis that say that they are the real jews of the bible cos they are white. and we are a mix of all nations. it seems to me that you believe in it. we are the chosen people and our job isnt to be nice to the gentiles. we need to keep god's law and love our lord god. stop trying to stop the jews with nons like there wasnt a holocaust and the jews are not the real jews and all those crazy lies. we dont believe the new t. so the synagouge of satan doesnt work for us. god said in the bible that he is the god of israel forever and ever and thats good enough for us. i think you just lost in translations somewhere or thats not what you wana hear. and as i told you before we love and respect americans, i am talking of enemies of israel. i am sure you know who some of them are. well they wont have a future on earth.
217. Stalin's Jews-Steve Plocker
Gladys Daley ,   London   (28.12.06)
Steve does not mention that 18 out of the 20 members of the initial Bolshevik politburo were Jewish
218. christopher i pitty you.
avraham ,   jerusalem   (28.12.06)
and in your post of 199 you called jews devils. well you hate jews and as a gentile thats the worst you can do. shame i pitty you.
219. anti Christ jews
Richard ,   usa   (28.12.06)
Very appropriate article Sever Plocker,Thank You YNET. Continue to expose these evil zionists.
220. Stalin's Willing Executioners?
ktg   (29.12.06)
This is a good article as it highlights the universal human proclivity to evil. Jews, Germans, Russians, Americans, Chinese, etc. are all equally capable of terrible atrocities, contra Daniel Goldhagen. Stalin's Jewish henchmen were not "kapos" any more than Eichmann and Himmler were.
221. To Avraham
Christopher ,   USA   (29.12.06)
First off Mr Avraham, I am part Hebrew myself. Hate is a very strong word, you see you dont have understanding on what that word means. Aristotle who was a very influenecial learned man, said that Hate means that a person wants to end the existance of what he hates. Again just becasue somebody critisizes you does not mean that he hate you. Your understanding is incorrect. A devil means doer of evil, if you are not a doer of evil than it does not apply to you Mr. Avraham. I am calling the Jewish people and Europeans who were involved in the mass murders during the communist regime devils. I yes I have a perfect hate as God has toward evil unrightous people even if they profess to call themselves Jews. Any Jew or Gentile that knows God's law and consciouslly breaks God's law is a devil. What you do unto others, so it shall be done unto you. I dont have problems with rightous Jews or rightous Gentiles, I have problems with Evil Jews and Gentiles. Any person that cannot comform to reason is also a devil or savage. Tell me about the Palestinian people and Jews dealings with them.
222. to christopher
avraham ,   jerusalem   (30.12.06)
first there is no law on how you deal with enemy gentile. if you find me one so let me know. secondly in eziya god said that enemy of israel are nothing , even less then nothing. so i take his word. thirdly a gentile cant and shoud not criticize israel, if they know whats good for them in the near future. i love americans so i dont hate all gentiles. most americans for me are jewish even if they dont know it themselvs. and please dont compare gentiles with jews. our destiny is defferent!! the new world order is coming after gog and magog.
223. To Avraham
Christopher ,   USA   (30.12.06)
This will be my last writing to you. I woul like to Thank you for sharing your thoughts and point of view with me. The Jews already rule the world, wake up!!!. Yes their are laws on how to deal with enemy gentiles, read and open the Holy Quran. I would say an enemy to a God consciouss man is nothing, that I would agree with. First off if Israel's practices are wicked then it should be critisized just as any other nation. You truely are a Jewish Supremeicist!!! Now lets imagine if I said this. A black person should not critisize the American white man. A black man that critisizes a American white man is less than nothing. A black man cant and should not critisize a white man, if he knew whats good for him in the future. I dont hate all Black, most blacks in Texas are White even if they dont know it themselves, and please dont compare Blacks with Whites, our destiny is diffrent, a new world order is coming after Gog and Magog, the White man will rule over the Black man. This is exactly what you are telling me, now I would be called a racist if I said these things. But when you say similar things, you are just trying to unify your people. You clearly are a racist, supremecist, absolutist, and have a lust to rule others, and you want to do it in the name of God. Just as God judged Isreal once, he will and can do it again. You are not above law, nor above Checks and balances. The world you talk about is already here, Jewish people already rule the world!!! just as it is prophsised in the New Testement, read Revelations. even if you dont accept the book, still read it, you will find truth in it. Even though some things were changed in it, to lead people astray from the true law of God. That is why the Holy Quran was written to once again verify the truth of the Bible and New Testement. Even though I disagree with you, you have a right to exist; as long as you live within law. I still wish you peace.
224. to christopher
avraham ,   jerusalem   (30.12.06)
jews rule the world now? i dont think so. with money and brain. to rule the world with the power of god thats something totaly different. i wish you and your family well. avraham
225. to christopher
avraham ,   jerusalem   (31.12.06)
and whats realy the point of those self appointed superior people like neo nazi and muslims. only god can say who is a superior and who isnt. i hope you get my point.
226. To Avraham
Christopher ,   USA   (31.12.06)
Since Jews do rule the world through money and communication, such as media and entertainment and banking, and not through the laws of God as you say, then who are they? Superior is defined in the the Websters Dictionary "Above the average in excellence, merit, intellegence" "Showing a conscioussness or feeling of being better than or above others" That is what superiour means. I personally am not stuck in that type of thinking. I just play the cards that God gives me. I just try to be the best I can be, I dont think of trying to be better than the other person; that is all ego. Avraham please study what the Ego is from your own mouth and the mouths around you. A person cannot be God consciouss and be egocentric at the same time. Please let me know what is the diffrence between a hebrew, jew, and a Zionist? I know I said this will be my last message but you kept on writing, so I will until its time to stop. Please let me know about your feeling on the Palastinians?
227. to christopher
avraham ,   jerusalem   (31.12.06)
in my opinion only the creator can decide who is supirior . he said himself that he puts israel above all nations. israel is the servant of god and the gentiles are the servants of israel. so far i dont really see the gentiles accepting it. but thats what will be. the difference between hebrew and a jew is non. every hebrew is a jew. what is zionist isnt so clear cos we only call each other jews. i think its more a propaganda cos the hebrews came back to the holy land and some people want to make it look like a recent movement.. about the palastinians, well they are the enemy of the nation of god therefor their destiny is doomed. sooner or later. and about gog and magog, god said that most nations will come agains us. why is it so easy to imagine that happening to israel. the blinded hatred for israel from gentile nations refuses to die. such a scenario can happen only to us and it will. all those neonzi websites are working so hard on it and all the islamist are preparing the ground. only the god f isreal can save us. god bless israel and god bless america.
228. By Their Work And Works You Shall Know Them
Observer   (31.12.06)
Sure doesn't look like the covenant is with the people who call themselves 'jews' today. Revelation 2:9
229. smart man, great article...
Rocco ,   Chicago   (31.12.06)
Made some great points. Don't hear these things in school. During a time when we're told jews were suffering, seems they were dishing it out even worse. Oh yeah, telling the truth isn't anti-semitic...DUH!
230. More details about jews and communism
JB ,   Canada   (31.12.06)
On the website entitled Jewish Tribal Review there's a page with many details about jews in the USSR. http://www.jewishtribalreview.org/russicom.htm jewish historian Yuri Slezkine has written about jews in the USSR in his book "The jewish century". His book is reviewed by Kevin MacDonald here: "Stalin’s Willing Executioners"? http://www.vdare.com/misc/051105_macdonald_stalin.htm
231. Kremlin Killed More Jews..
blackminorcapullets ,   NY   (01.01.07)
than Hitler. I think the tenor of many here would change were they to understand this. Tsarist Kremlin and Communist Kremlin and Putin's Kremlin are little changed - religion notwithstanding.
232. Balanced Book on Subject: The Jewish Century
Yaakov Lieb ,   Palesrael   (02.01.07)
If you want to read a very good account of how the Bolshevik Revolution was in part a Jewish led revolution agains their own separateness as Jews, you have to read Yuri Slezikine's The Jewish Century http://www.amazon.com/Jewish-Century-Yuri-Slezkine/dp/0691127603/sr=8-1/qid=1167765159/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/104-6179424-9673532?ie=UTF8&s=books He uses Fiddler on the Roof's Hodel and Perchik as literary reference, and tracks the enormous creative power in the Jewish contingent in the Bolshevik Revolution and the various affirmative action and foreigner-fearing paranoia dynamics that worked against Jews later in the 30's and 40's in the interests of promoting non-Jews into political, bureaucratic and technical positions, and thus balance out ethnic participation in society's administration.
233. Great Article...
Vitaly ,   Boston   (03.01.07)
Sever Plocker, I am simultaneously amazed by the bravery of your revelations and also the historical accuracy which is reflected in your article. The truth has to get out somehow. Just because one person speaks out about the mass murders that were committed by some Jews does not implicate all Jews, but at the same time should not render anti-semitic epithets labeled to that particular person.
234. YNET reflects the true prism of journalism
Menv ,   USA   (03.01.07)
Good article about the Communist Jews. YNET brings balance to an otherwise biased history. Not being Jewish, Christian or Muslim myself, I know tend to read this media source more often for Middle East news coverage partially because of YNET’s own attempt to weigh controversial or biased issues.
235. christopher where are you?
avraham ,   jerusalem   (06.01.07)
is it true that all goyim want to be jewish deep down. i bet it is! please tell me the truth.
236. What I like Most About Jews
Burning Goyim ,   Brooklyn   (07.01.07)
While I have been critical about Jewish racism and Judaism in general, I must say I admire how Jews produce some very brave, intelligent people who dare to take unpopular positions because they think it's right. That can only be a positive thing.
J SMITH ,   MPLS USA   (08.01.07)
Seems a lot of Jews are afraid of the Truth when applied to them and their misdeeds. TRUTH NEEDS NO DEFENSE. Yell it from the rooftops!
238. plocker is good man
andrzej ,   kansas city   (09.01.07)
The truth is never anti semitic. The only thing anti semitic is jews denying their own history.
239. bolsheviks financed by the NY,NY zionist banks
fred sam ,   hutchinson kansas   (09.01.07)
the same people who gave us the privately-owned and treasonous Federal Reserve. most of the -isms of the world are scams for depopulation and global hegemony. zionists are complicit and equally dupes for higher level conspiracies of the super-elite. wake up before they come for you, and force you to compromise your principles and violate the rights of others.
Florida, USA   (09.01.07)
A very impressive article, I applaud this gentlemen for making a stand
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