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Sunday Times: Eichmann saved 800 Jews during Holocaust
פורסם: 16.03.08, 12:20
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1. Lives saved not for humanitarian but propoganda reasons
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (16.03.08)
So he was not a Righteous Gentile - but a shrewed marketer who used these people to lull others in to a false vision. This is as bad as the rest of what he planned, and worse because it shows that he knew it was wrong but did it anyway.
2. Saved?????
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (16.03.08)
Eichman didn't "save" these Jews. He used them to facilitate the murder of who knows how many hundred thousand other Berlin Jews or for political reasons. There was no more kindness in his heart for these Jews than there was for the millions of others who died on his orders. To use the word "save" and "Jew" in connection with Eichman is an almost sick perversion of the English language.
3. Like President spares one turkey on Thanksgiving day!
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (16.03.08)
4. that doesn't revive the other 6 million he killed.
gamba & pilpel   (16.03.08)
5. ye right!
oded   (16.03.08)
and arafat, imach shemo, prevented terrorist attacks on jews! the brits are so full of jew hating rubbish!
6. What next
David Rosenberg ,   New York   (16.03.08)
Im waiting to read the article about Hamas starting suicide bombings in order to save the State of Israel from making the mistake of giving up land for peace. Eichmann was a filthy nazi murderer of Jewish men, women, and children. Too bad the State of Israel didnt get to do to Arafat what you did to this filthy Nazi scum.
Gideon   (16.03.08)
8. Ok...but where are the "actors" ....
Franklin ,   Paris   (16.03.08)
or witnesses of this story.... Sounding like a legend. Maybe some Nazis of the "Nomenklatur "...disguising in victims to facilitate an escape.
Sergio ,   Israel   (16.03.08)
Every antisemite and Jew hater denies he is one with things like "I have a Jewish friend", or "my doctor is Jewish".... and other B.S. of this sort. I think that every Jew hater in the world would accept saving 800 Jews to be able to murder a few millions... Just like Kastner... "Saving" his family and freinds at the price of his silence and cooperation in the massacre of the rest of Hungary's Jews. Just read Ben Hecht's "Perfidy" and you'll get it!
10. He was saving them for dessert.
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (16.03.08)
11. Swastikas hidden in radio
El gato ,   Brookfield, WI, USA   (16.03.08)
This is news? We all know that nazis existed and there are certainly many remaining emblems and mementos around. So what?
12. Eichman saved a hundred thousand Austrian Jews
observer   (16.03.08)
Eichmann was assigned to investigate possible "solutions to the Jewish question." He visited Palestine in 1937 to discuss the possibility of large scale immigration of Jews to the Middle East with Arab leaders. British authorities, however, ordered him out of the country. With the Nazi takeover of Austria in March of 1938, Eichmann was sent to Vienna where he established a Central Office for Jewish Emigration. This office had the sole authority to issue permits to Jews desperately wanting to leave Austria and became engaged in extorting wealth in return for safe passage. Nearly a hundred thousand Austrian Jews managed to leave with most turning over all their worldly possessions to Eichmann's office, a concept so successful that similar offices were established in Prague and Berlin.
13. Sure, he just forgot to mention it at his trial..
Tuvia   (16.03.08)
14. Anyone Can Make A Mistake
David ,   Marietta USA   (16.03.08)
Sorry, he still isn't one of my heroes.
15. I see.For every 1000 he murdered,hesavedone.Sucha "nice guy"
Rivkah   (16.03.08)
16. It makes no difference
Jeffrey Levine ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (16.03.08)
Even if this is true, it makes no difference. Compared to the number of Jews killed, 800 saved is a drop in the bucket. It is said that Hitler loved his dog! Does that make him a better person? I think not, and the same goes for Eichman. May his name live forever, in Hell!
17. The "oberver" strikes again....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (16.03.08)
With a retarded "observation," the point of which is lost on Ynet reasers.
18. #12 Eichmann ETHNICALLY CLEANSED 100,000 Austrian Jews
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (16.03.08)
He ethnically cleansed 100,000 Austrian Jews and LOOTED all their property.
19. Eichman was the best friend the jewish people had in the war
zionist forever   (16.03.08)
The heroic Eichman leader of the jewish resistance during the war at great personal risk to the lives of himself and his family saved 800 jews. How many jewish lives is this man directly responsible for the deaths of? Considering how many he is responsble for the deaths of 800 doesnt really seem like much at all really. The article makes the man sound like a hero who spent the entire war trying to save jews from death.
20. 12- you make the British sound like the bad guys not Eichman
zionist forever   (16.03.08)
Eichman visited Palestine as a possible solution to the jewish question but the British threw him out. Then he set up an office where jews could buy their freedom. You make it look like the British are the ones who are responsible for the deaths of all the jews he was responsible for the deaths of because they threw him out of Palestine instead of allowing him to export the German jews there and he set up offices where jews could go buy their freedom for the right price. The final solution was as it sounds the final solution to begin with the Nazis just wanted abit of slave labour and to get rid of German jews and Palestine was as good a place as any to send them if a political agreement could have been worked out with the British who were enemies of the Nazis. Eichman wasnt the good guy here and the British responsible for the deaths of all the jews Eichman caused. The British didnt want the German jews but Eichman was the murderer. Later on Eichman hellped dream up the final solution but of course its the British who are the bad guys responsible for those jewish deaths because they threw Eichman out instead of taking all those jews off his hands.
21. but, did Jews saved Jews?
observer   (16.03.08)
It would not have been possible for the Nazis to have killed so many Jews in such a short time without the co-operation of the Junderat. Dr. Rudolph Kastner, the former associate vice president of the Zionist Association of Hungary, negotiated with Adolf Eichmann, a senior SS officer, to allow almost 1,700 Hungarian Jews to leave for Switzerland — in exchange for money, gold, and diamonds. failing to warn others, Kastner had sacrificed the mass of Jewry for a chosen few. Kastner moved to Israel after the war, becoming a spokesman for the Ministry of Trade and Industry in 1952. Kastner was murdered in Jerusalem in 1957. Morel, who fled to Israel from Poland in 1994 and lives in hiding in Tel Aviv, was held in Auschwitz as a young man. More than 30 members of his family were killed by the Nazis. In November 1945, after the Soviet occupation of Poland began, he was one of many Jews appointed by Stalin to supervise the brutal denazification camps, where up to 80,000 ethnic Germans are believed to have died as a result of torture, starvation and typhus. Stalin picked Jews as camp commandants knowing they would show little mercy to the inmates.
22. Sick
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (16.03.08)
In 10 years, Israel haters will be accusing the jews of kidnaping and murdering Eichman. What the hell, give me a Nobel peace prize for not killing everybody.
23. This article came from the discredited SUNDAY TIMES
Jake   (17.03.08)
24. biased "observer" #12 & #21
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (17.03.08)
You would be the first to howl if somebody here suggested that Israel should "save" 100,000 Palestinians in the same way that you claim Eichman "saved" 100,000 Austrian Jews. Oh and why can't the righteous Arab nations "save" their brethren Palestinians from the Zionist "ethnic cleansing" and "genocide" please tell?
25. "Observer" is a faceless nameless coward
Jake   (17.03.08)
hiding behind the shadows of anonymity.
26. #24, 25 it takes one to "reveal" facts
observer   (17.03.08)
27. the irony of "saved"
Eichman saved 100, 000 Jews to facilitate building foundation for Hebrew apartheid state. why Eichman installed the "Offices for Jewish Emigration" ?
28. Eichmann not angel, nor is England angelic
Michael Reising ,   Berkeley,CA   (17.03.08)
Adding England to list of anti-semitic countries is long overdue, accurate and especially relects their hypocracy after WWII. It is well known they could care little about the Jewish plight throughout their entire history, culminating in executing and imprisioning those who fled Nazi Germany, (Hagannah, etcetera); even those who fled long after England knew about the Final Solution. The best way to keep this crap out of the news is multiphasic. One, educate the ignorant Israeli, British (and American) populace so we know about "great" Briton's history; our level of education and test scores are pathetic. Two; boycott companies that advertise in such papers as the British Sunday Slimes and the huge number of supermarket tabloids England loves to read. This also means boycotting companies whose ads appears on the same page as this "Eichmann the Angel" story in Israeli papers: Y-net needs to look hard at why they print muck like the Eichmann story so often. Related to this, Israel needs to start working on war crime warrents for the hundreds of crimes against humanities that took place by England over the last 10 years ....I wonder if General Dyer (Limey who ordered Indian massacre during Ghandi's time) is still alive? With British recent anti-semetism in all sectors of England now, (which most Jews should be well versed in by now), we must prepare ourselves for further bigotry eminating from such fair-weather friends who we helped and who we held our hands out in friendship to over the last century.
29. Berlin Hospital
Radka ,   Athens, Greece   (17.03.08)
None of you knew knew this story?! I read an article about it in the Washington Post several YEARS ago!
30. Observer #26, you just can't handle the facts Kyle presented
Jake   (17.03.08)
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