Israel to lavish Nauru, Micronesia leaders
Roni Sofer
פורסם: 20.01.10, 15:59
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1. Very Nice
Jae ,   Lynn US   (20.01.10)
2. These micropolynesian states should be trade partners
Ruri   (20.01.10)
They have been terrific friends and should be granted all consideration. They are friends because they are evangelical nations and believe the biblical promise "I will bless those who bless you", and some also believe they are descended from the lost tribes.
3. Glad to see one nation with guts
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (20.01.10)
I just wish our country had leaders with as much courage
4. :: Sightseeing
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (20.01.10)
I hope the presidents of Micronesia and Nauru take the time to visit the WB and see the illegal settlements and the damage done to the local Palestinians. I hope delegation visit Gaza and see the utter destruction of the public infrastructure by the IDF. I hope they visit the Palestinian town of Hebron and meet the rabid Judeofacists. I hope they leave Israel with a clear understanding of the effect and misery that the Israeli occupation has brought upon the Palestinian people.
5. #3
yes, that is tgrue what you say. however keep in mind that these two nations are upright and moral because they do not need arab oil and thus are not influenced by the arab agenda in the un. also, they previously said that israel has a right to exists and blame arabs for intrangience, violence and a faulty sense of history of the jews in palestine. they recognize an arab agenda at the un when they see it and are appaled. if eu and other western countries had no use for arab oil, you would see tha arab influence in the un at zero. without the oil blackmail by arabs of the un against the eu and western countriex that need this oil, most of those sitting at the un that are arabs will go back to being sand flees on prinitive camels wondering the desert endlessly. hameed aboughaze, iranian
6. Nice
Birdi ,   Israel   (20.01.10)
Hope they all enjoy their stay here.
7. Not a good sign
Daniel ,   Birmingham UK   (25.01.10)
You know how totally isolated Israel is in the world when a couple of south sea atolls are key allies. FSoM is little more than a United States military base, and Nauru's economy is almost entirely dependent on its one chief export, birds' droppings. If you want to help Israel, end the occupation. Maintaining good relations with these powerhouses is not going to save Israel from the disaster it's blindly hurtling towards.
8. Stand strong Israel!
Island Breeze ,   Colonia, Micronesia   (02.02.10)
To our Israeli friends, hang in there. Though we are miles apart, separated by continents and oceans, our islands are united when it comes to supporting you. God Bless.
9. israel is not isolated
Len ,   Australia   (15.11.10)
Your comments just show how anti-semetic you are - friendship and support has nothing to do with size and economics -A true friend will stand by you no matter what. Sadly England lost that for its hunger for Oil. The result ? Islamists rule your streets today.
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