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Franco gave Nazis list of Jews in Spain
פורסם: 21.06.10, 08:45
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1. Bringing all Spaniards together uniting the right and left
ben yaacov ,   herzliya il   (21.06.10)
Then like now a project that could unite the right and left and bring all Spaniards together.
2. So whats new?
jiacomino ,   huddersfield UK   (21.06.10)
The Guardian U K did the same thing,by February 1988.It made a list of Jews and Israeli sympathisers,and gave this list to the PLO (a terrorist that time) I have irrefutable proof of this .
3. El Pais concerned about Jews?
Antonio ,   Spain   (21.06.10)
Refered by this article, I've been read the original one. All it's possible: the order, the list, the nazi's surveillance in Spanish area ... but one thing has been a reality: Jews NEVER haven't been pursuited in Spain after Civil War. I'm sure that order was delivered but it's sure that anyone take care about it. That was a pantomime to get 'happy' Himmler and Hitler. Do you know what Hitler said after his meeting with Franco in Hendaya? 'Before returning to meet with him, I'd rather pluck three or four teeth'. Neutrallity was a premise, and a need.
4. Ioyal to any country they live in ?
Paula ,   Spain   (21.06.10)
Rebecca ,   Mexico   (21.06.10)
Part of my family which was deported from salonica to Dachau, was not executed and sent to Spain because Franco claimed to the germans that they were of spanish origin. I was told this by the Hassid family , about their experience, where they were put in trains from Dachau to Spain with other Greek jews who had previously acquired Spanish nationality by default and with the good will of the Spanish Franco government. My uncle who had Greek nationality- same family- was taken to dachau with the whole family. None of them came back. How do you explain this then.
6. Spanish hatred of Jews goes back to 1492
Berl ,   formerly of Seattle   (21.06.10)
and continues to this very day that is why Spain is nothing but a third rate banana republic and will remain so
7. jiacomine-I think you should please release details of this
Alan ,   SA   (21.06.10)
to say the Jewish Chronicle .Let them publish such details .
8. to #2 stop blabing the prince of the UK
ghostq   (21.06.10)
the thrown heir was number one fan of hitler, you can hide it all you want but we all know the truth, the British royal family demounce him on technicality that he married an Amerikan woman, so before you blame Spanish I suggest you check your own country. after hundreds of years of jew slaughters, yes in plural slaughters, from killing jews in Jerusalem by Richard the lions heart to George the first who hanged 500 jews and drowned another 700 jews, just for being jews. there was also the blood liable that jews use blood of chritian children in their even bread. there r other examples.
9. Antonio-Even in Britain,Nazis had a list of Jews.Who gave it
10. to # 4 .... play both and all sides in world's wars
Jack. A   (21.06.10)
11. spanish and jew?
Roy ,   Spain   (21.06.10)
Like any country Spain has pros and cons.. but it is true that mayority thinking is present.. This, and being to layed back has a spread effect on propaganda. Indeed it is dificult to be different in spain.. but don't dare to say that to most spaniards... it is frowned uppon to be intolerant, but worst of all most truly think they're open minded. And, yes Paula... jews have always been loyal to the country they live in.. accepted the culture, and blended so perfectly you wouldn't notice the difference.. Can you say the same for ALL inmigration ? respects to all
12. The difference between fascists regimes is slight
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (21.06.10)
Spain, Italy, Germany, Arab nations their racist hatred is universal.
13. Spain 1492 = Spain 1940 = AMALEK
Jakob Algrably ,   Canad   (21.06.10)
14. # 3 Antonio
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (21.06.10)
Antonio ! Franco was a cruel dictator and a opportunist,but no Antisemite,he tried to ride on many horses at the same time,it's possible that the Germans preassured him to issue the order, under German preassure the good Finns handed over to the Germans a number of Jews,the Germans preassured Romania,Bulgaria,to do the same,to the Germans it was more important to exterminate the Jews than to win the War,Franco,trying to please the Allies (who couldn't care less) tried to save the Ladino speaking Jews of the Balkans from the Germans with no success,the reason for the toothache Franco gave Hitler, was $ 10,000,000 that he was bribed with by England to stay out of the war,and as a token of being a good Fascist he did send the blue division to fight in Russia,who knows how the war would have ended had the Germans put their hand on Gibraltar,the rock of Gibraltar served as storage for supplies comming from America,for spain Franco was bad as a dictator,but good for keeping them out of the war.
15. AMEN!
DBO ,   SF CA USA   (21.06.10)
16. The lists were made but the Jews were not handed over
AK   (21.06.10)
All the difference in the world for those who had survived in Spain. I wonder, how many lists of Jews and in which countries are being prepared now, as we speak? We know, that they had lists of Jews in every communist country, change of name being no help.
17. not a fan of Franco's but this sounds like a smear campaign.
Franco was a fascist and as we all know fascists didn't give up their Jews in any of the countries they ruled in. Second question b4 we all get our knickers in a twist - how many Jews were in Spain during this period of time? Have you all 4gotten that the expulsion order from 1492 was still in force and there were very few Jews living in Spain. Let's all get a grip and figure things out calmly
18. # 8 ghosts
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (22.06.10)
Small reminder,it was Great Britain who issued the Balfor Declaration,It was England who protested to Maria Thereza the expulsion of the Prague Jews in the 18th century,it was England under Oliver Cromwel who allowed the Jews to return to England,so,do you intend to sue England for what Richard did ?,and by the way,Richard did not speak a word of English,he was French,and apropo Spain,when the spanish ceded Gibraltar to England in the beginning of 18 century,they stipulated with England not to allow Jews and Moors to live in Gibraltatar , after a while spain protested ,that Jews do live in Gibraltar,The English promised to investigate,after a while England responded,yes there are Jews in Gibraltar,but they are in transit,again spain protested,we found out that the Jews live there,the English responded to spain,you have to understand,the Jews while in transit need a place to stay,relations between Jews and England deteriorated when their intersts collided,England's policy toward Jews in the thirties and ww 2 is shameful,the foreign office including the foreign Minister Antony Eden was full with Antisemites.
19. Franco... definitely a humanitarian ! Yeah!
Mike ,   Chicago, USA   (22.06.10)
I doubt Franco gave a damn about Jews and would have easily sacrificed him if it would suite him. There were few Jews in Spain before the war, only few came during war, and not many stayed after the war. Probably more Jews came to fight with the Republicans then Spain rescued during the war.
20. Spineless Bastard
iObserver and News ,   USA   (22.06.10)
'Nuff said!
21. el pais is the most antisemitic paper in europe
hal tripp ,   la paz,bolivia   (22.06.10)
believe or not,my family in tenerife were saved by franco,this report coming from el pais is a campaign by this anti semitic paper against jews and israel.the whole south of spain is infected by the muslim cancer that has infected this whole region,if anything ,franco was one of the few leaders that protected the jews of europe,there are still jews that live in tenerife and los palmas,ceita, thanks to franco,el pais should be boycotted by any jewish and christian family in the free world
22. they did what little they could
cthrusoldier ,   miami beach, USA   (22.06.10)
for the noble roots of their own people and royalty when they saved the Jews. Despite a rankled and dour media that often, though not always, attaches itself to our foes, the Spanish as understanding individuals identify with Israel in a beautiful way. The main problem is that most of them like to eat pork, while on vacation especially. If Spanish tourists were issued the proper chorizo's in Israel as well as in Muslim countries it would be a sign of tolerance they could all stand behind. This is an example of a moment where HRM Juan Carlos might say, "Que se calle".
23. to #18 Balfor was Jewish, not chritian Brit
ghostq   (22.06.10)
in the 18th century jews were unable to live anywere they please in the uk, they were still living in jewish areas only, Richard was British not franch I checked he wasn't Frank he was Saxon, and I was jude UK by hundreds of years not by events from the last 50 years. and when it came for the voting for indipendence of Israel the UK said NO, she could have stayed objective but she decided to say no, that after building jews prisons in Latroon and in cypruse, there is also the Exoduse holocaust survivor boat that drowned, uk didn't apologiesed for killing holocaust survivors. any way this is diverting my point is before anyone... especially brit erogant that judging others while ignoring hundreds years of abusing jews. they still teach the Mercher from venice by Shaksphire, that play is the most antisemitic play I have ever read, to think they portray jews as revange strike, and the verdice for him was to convert cause they knew jewish won't do that (based on spanish method convert or get out or die) sound like they r as guilty as the rest.
24. don't know who is sillier El Pais paper or the TBers here!
El Pais is a rabidly anti-semitic paper which for years has been very busy rewriting history. El Pais is a rabidly anti-Franco paper which is still carrying a republican cross. That's fine but what people need to realize is that this isn't about the Jews it is about finding yet another way to point out that Franco was bad for Spain. Truth be told Franco was very bad for Spain but he was overall very good to the Jews. So where does that leave things? Well it leaves things in an historically blurred place and the El Pais is taking advantage of that in order to push its own anti-semtic agenda! About the TBers here --- wow! all I can say is that most of you are showing rabid and brilliant ignorance regarding the history of Europe. At different times all European countries have hated the Jews and have taken their turn at tormenting, torturing and murdering us. It is very amusing to read this or that TBer trying to "white wash" the history of this or that European country with respect to the treatment of the Jews. Get over it...all of the European countries treated us badly and all of the European countries and the United States at least passively participated in the German Holocaust against the Jews. The only answer is to keep Israel strong!
25. franco's list
moron ,   galut   (22.06.10)
the spanish left today is in power and even more actively aiding israel's enemies--let's face it the inquisition lasted until 1992 and maybe longer like until now!
26. 23 , Balfour Jewish ? Not at all , you ignorant guy !
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (22.06.10)
and try to write , at least names , correctly
27. 24 , anonymous
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (22.06.10)
Yes , if you go back faraway in history , at some point in every country you can find antisemitic rulers . But we are talking about the last century , and denying that in many countries Jews were saved by the local authorities is certainly very ignorant too .
28. # 23 Lord Balfour
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (22.06.10)
ghostg ! Lord Balfour must have converted to Judaism only recently,because this is the first time i hear about it,you must be confusing Lord Balfour with Herbert Samuel, who was a Jew, and in 1915 suggested that than palestine,become a homeland for the Jewish people,which was the basis for the Balfour declaration, in 1920 Herbert Samuel became high commissioner of than palestine,Herbert Samuel played an important role in the life of the yishuv,by building roads and providing work for the starving Chalutsim,who were organized in 'Gdudey Avoda' (Labor Battalions), if i am not mistaken ,Golda Meir too worked in one of those Batalions, Are you suggesting that Israel cut of relations with all the nations who have an Antisemitic past ?,very practical.
29. Some traditions never die
Arie ,   BaGolan   (23.06.10)
30. Spain - Franco
Henry Politi ,   Lausanne, Switzerlan   (23.06.10)
Franco is subjected to unfair treatment in the Press. He used fascist help to win the civil was in '36 and prevent his country from falling to the Communists but in WWII he did not allow the Nazis entry into Spain and access to Gibraltar. He is a maligned patriot.
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