IDF celebrates Armored Corps history: Trophy system successful
Yoav Zitun
פורסם: 01.03.11, 21:34
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61. @39: stephen
al-kafir al-yahudi ,   usa   (02.03.11)
yes, i noticed that, too. i posted it on haaretz, but (as usual) they blocked it. i also noticed that haaretz's commenter "army officer" from sweden is the same as "mark from georgia" on this site. same misspellings and everything. they are too cowardly to use the same name twice!
62. #61- Multiple writers post as Natalie Durson
Stephen in New York   (02.03.11)
I suppose its coordinated by some group with the Durson viewpoint and agenda. In any case it’s sometimes interesting when different personalities with varying emphasis post as Durson. This is all war by other means.
63. al kafir-al yahudi ..Actually many at haaretz make typo
Stephen ,   Albany NY   (02.03.11)
At Haarezt make typo errors.JHaaretz is not what it used to be anymore..Even the likes of CJK who is an invaluable responder serious and good...Even she makes a few typo errrors.But our assumption that "mark from georgia" and the army officer from sweden making thesame mistakes does no mean much.One hing I will lool out for is:What Stephen said about Durson= to Turkman I will take special note .. for sure
64. Stephen tell me under which article did you see the moniker
Stephen ,   Albany NY   (02.03.11)
Of Durson= Turkman. I want to look at it..However I am not surprised because there has been many who are using other reponder's replies. If you are still around let me know .
65. #62 I had heard a while ago that Durson
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (02.03.11)
was a GROUP of Arab University students in California
66. #61 al kafir
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (02.03.11)
Now that you've mentioned the errors, he/they'll be sure to use a spell checker to avoid making them
67. 65-Ben Jabo, that sounds about right.
Stephen in New York   (02.03.11)
From UC Davis, no doubt..
68. #30 - Hiz doesn't use special anti-tank missiles
W ,   Israel   (02.03.11)
They're typical Russian weaponry which seems to keep showing up in their hands even though only Iran receives them from Russia. Either way, Hizbullah's arsenal, which can be considered the most advanced of terrorists in the region, are the basis for which Israeli systems are built to defeat. Question is - will Hizbullah be able to stick their ground and fire an anti-tank missile when: 1) the IAF will now provide heavier cover than 2006, and 2) once an RPG is neutralized the tank has the next shot....right at the terrorists?
69. #39 - Arabs love to relive past "successes"
William ,   Israel   (02.03.11)
Arabs don't often get successes against Israel so they like to re-live them over and over, despite the changing world. And because there aren't many to choose from, Arabs like to convolute details to make them successes. Like the teabagger in Lebanon who claims 2006 was a success for Arabs - despite the damage to his country, the whipping Hizbullah received, the public humiliation Nasrallah had when apologized, and the 15,000 foreigners on their soil. Egyptians celebrate each year the Yom Kippur war as a success, even though they lost miserably, had the rest of the armed forces decimated, and basically had the upper hand for a week or so because they attacked Jews when they were weak, praying, fasting, and sleeping.
70. 64
Stephen in New York   (02.03.11)
IDF armor-defense system foils attack on tank for first time under Diplomacy/Defense
71. 69-Perception is reality
Stephen in New York   (02.03.11)
72. #26; turkman, Wrong, little Tank Damage
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (03.03.11)
That was the bluster of Nasrallah, in fact the Merkava tank did very well in that war with only 1 or 2 totally destroyed. AS WE SEE HERE: Again we catch the Arabs lying about the damage they did to Israeli tanks. Pallywood, Lebanese style as the above website proves. Sorry turkman to blow your childish bubble, it's amazing you suckers still believe your leaders. They just try to build your ego, for the next battle, where you will get your collective butts kicked.
73. Baruch Hashem
Joel H. Jimena ,   Gen. Santos City-Phi   (03.03.11)
Wow. Baruch Hashem for this development. Am very happy to hear this. I was in Jerusalem when Lebanon war broke. God bless Israel.
74. #26 turkman, you have no reason to gloat
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (03.03.11)
Israel lost less than a handful of tanks, you had half of Lebanon destroyed while doing it "Try before you buy", O.K. with me, sit inside the tanks while it's being subjected to live five If you survive, you will have proven yourself to be wrong, if you don't make it, that's really no big loss
75. Stephen in New York Israel is The Power House in the ME
KATE ,   ISRAEL   (03.03.11)
At the rate our engineers,scientists in every field constantly produce by working non stop in improving or updating all the time gives the world the wherewithal they lack. BEAVERING away never stopping,, finding many worthwhile things that the naysyers are jealous of when they dismiss it out of hand...Could it be jealousy?
76. Hello Cameron ..A nice one from you,but I still; prefer mine
KATE ,   ISRAEL   (03.03.11)
Prefer mine--that I partly took from the web..changing it my way. I love writing rhymed responses ,have done so in the past ,that were suitable to the subject of course.. Now that the formats at (he other site) changed it loses its charm.Now it is not suitable. I have several in my documents.perhaps I may produce some when time is ripe.
77. Kate 75-I just worry about
Stephen in New York   (03.03.11)
overconfidence and complacency as happened in ’73 and ’06.
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